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Photobiological Safety

Taking care of your eyes and your skin!


The first step to ensure a good lighting experience is to ensure that our lights will not hurt anyone in any way. According to EN 62471:2008 sources of optical radiation are classified into risk groups subject to their potential photobiological hazard. This classification takes place through a risk assessment, which is conducted on the either individual components or the final product based on information obtained from the manufacturer.


If a source is assigned to a “safe” group (Exempt Group), or to a low risk group (Risk Group 1), it would not be needed for a detailed workplace evaluation, since there is no photobiological safety hazard issue.



Sources are classified into the following four groups according to hazard, based on the emission limit as well as permissible exposure time before hazard exceeded.

We are proud to say that our Naly Pro Line range are all in the Group 0 and so are perfect for large companies, governmental agencies, schools and hospitals which are aware of needs to comply with IEC safety standards.